Eupro is a family of diversified divisions offering a variety of unique custom professional sports fishing products and services for the fishing industries. As the leading importer and distributor since 1918, Eupro recognizes the critical nature of experience, performance, and quality necessary to transform our fishing products into beautiful unique patterns, color, progressive design, and finishing specialties. Expert custom services is paramount at Eupro.

     Eupro offer specialized, technical expertise as well as experienced, research and development by our trained professionals. No one in our industry is more knowledgeable about your needs, solves your design problems, and saves you money than Eupro. Our mission is to help you to develop the resources necessary to provide you the highest quality of your own brand products. Our extensive manufacturing know - how delivers your own brand products and are looking for a factory to manufacture them, we are the perfect choice for you.

    Eupro will offer you the pride of owning one of the kind finest fishing products built specifically for your company, this will add quality brand name products to OEM, your existing products. Which ever you select, we can offer you the finest design and highest quality manufacturing allows. You can select just the right products, most cost effective, and strict standards that are enforced in every step of the production process.

    We fully recognize and understand the importance of building relationships and always strive for complete customer satisfaction. Our aim is to allow you to order what you want when you need it.